Energe popularly known as Ennie is our registered manager with CQC. She has 24 years of experience working in the health and social care specializing in children and adolescents as well adults experiencing different infirmities such as dementia, mental health, autism, dementia, learning disabilities etc She has worked for many years in many contact centres facilitating contact from newly born babies to teens. She has worked in prisons, secure units, paediatric wards as a practitioner in the provision of support, supervision, and therapeutic sessions with families. She is a qualified mental health nurse who has worked across all spectrum of Children, adolescents and adults in Mental Health Services supporting them and involved in the drawing of care plans, Risk assessments and involving all health care professionals who have to do with the care for one particular individual. She believes in care as a solution to recovery.

Kirsty Mayhew is the deputy manager responsible for the day to day running of the operations. She has a wealth of experience in supported living and complex care which spans for a period of over 20 years. She is the main lead in Safeguarding issues and is responsible for our safer recruitment policies formulation and adherences. She is task and customer focused and a results orientated being. She can teach sign language and has worked with autism and learning with disability service users.

Shweta is responsible for the administrative duties at our Milton Keynes Head office. She is hard-working and a goal getter, with a highly developed sense of professional responsibility. She is the heart and soul of the office and ensures that things are done on time possesses excellent communication and listening skills and works extremely well. She looks into the day-to-day tasks at MECS and is also part of the operations team that provides after hours support, developing relationships with staff and clients.