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MECS is a trusted provider of comprehensive care services for individuals of various age groups, including +65 care, personal care, dementia care, social care training, adult care (18-65), and live-in care.

With a focus on meeting the unique needs of each individual, MECS offers a wide range of services designed to promote well-being, independence, and a high quality of life. Our team of dedicated caregivers and professionals are trained to deliver compassionate and personalized care, ensuring the safety, comfort, and happiness of our clients. 

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Personel Care

We are pleased to offer personalized and attentive personal care services to meet the unique needs of each individual in our care. Our dedicated team is committed to providing the highest standard of assistance and support, ensuring that our clients feel comfortable, respected, and empowered in their daily lives. From help with grooming and bathing to medication management and mobility assistance, our compassionate caregivers are trained to deliver professional and dignified care. We strive to foster a warm and trusting relationship with our clients, promoting their independence and enhancing their overall well-being. Your loved one’s safety, comfort, and happiness are our top priorities, and we are honored to be a trusted partner in their personal care journey.

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+65 Care

Welcome to our +65 Care Services! We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals aged 65 and older. Our aim is to provide comprehensive care and support to enhance the well-being and quality of life for older adults in our community

We are committed to delivering personalized, high-quality +65 care services to ensure the well-being and dignity of older adults. Contact us today to learn more about our programs and how we can assist you or your loved one in navigating the journey of aging with grace and support.

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Dementia Care

Caring for individuals living with dementia requires a unique and specialized approach, and our dementia care services are designed to provide compassionate support to both the individual and their families. We understand the challenges and complexities that dementia can bring, and our dedicated team is trained to provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for those affected by this condition. With our dementia care services, families can find solace knowing their loved one is receiving compassionate and expert care. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with dementia and supporting their families in navigating the challenges that come with this condition.

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Our social care training programs are designed to equip caregivers with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional care and support to individuals in need. We understand the importance of compassionate and person-centered care, and our training focuses on promoting dignity, respect, and empathy in every interaction.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including effective communication, understanding cultural diversity, recognizing and responding to individual needs, and promoting independence and empowerment. We emphasize the importance of building meaningful relationships with those we care for, fostering a sense of trust and companionship.

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Our Adult Care 18-65 care service is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 who require assistance and support in their daily lives. We understand that different life circumstances and conditions can necessitate specialized care during this phase of adulthood. With our Adult Care 18-65 service, individuals and their families can have peace of mind, knowing that they are receiving expert care and support tailored to their specific needs. We are committed to providing a compassionate and respectful environment that promotes growth, independence, and a sense of belonging for each person in our care

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Our Live-in Care service offers a unique and personalized approach to caregiving, providing individuals with the support they need in the comfort of their own homes. With this service, a dedicated caregiver resides with the client, offering round-the-clock assistance, companionship, and peace of mind. At MECS, we are committed to delivering exceptional Live-in Care services that prioritize the safety, well-being, and happiness of our clients. Our goal is to create a supportive and nurturing environment that allows individuals to age gracefully and comfortably in the place they call home.