16 Plus Semi Independent

We offers a vital support system for young people transitioning into adulthood (16-25). Designed to empower and guide them towards independence, these services provide a safe and nurturing environment where individuals can develop essential life skills and gain confidence in managing various aspects of their lives. Care professionals work closely with these young adults, offering guidance in areas such as budgeting, education and employment, health and wellbeing, and maintaining a stable living environment. By fostering a sense of responsibility and autonomy, the care service aims to equip these individuals with the tools necessary to navigate the challenges of adulthood successfully. Through personalized care plans and a focus on individual strengths and aspirations, the service strives to promote personal growth and self-sufficiency, ensuring a smooth and supported transition into independent living.

We Provide Services For


Looked after services provided within a home setting offer a nurturing and supportive environment in need of care. These services prioritize the safety, wellbeing, and emotional development of each child, aiming to create a stable and loving home environment. Highly trained and dedicated professionals work closely with children, providing them with the necessary support, guidance, and care to meet their individual needs and empower them to thrive.


Homeless care services play a crucial role in supporting individuals experiencing homelessness. These services provide essential resources such as shelter, food, and clothing, while also addressing the complex needs of individuals through counseling, healthcare, and access to job training and housing assistance. By offering a comprehensive approach to care, homeless care services strive to restore dignity, provide stability, and empower individuals to overcome homelessness and rebuild their lives.


Semi-independent living services offer a transitional stage for young adults, providing a balance between independence and support. These services aim to equip individuals with essential life skills, such as budgeting, cooking, and managing daily responsibilities, while still providing a safety net and guidance from professionals. Semi-independent living fosters self-reliance and prepares individuals for fully independent living by gradually empowering them to make decisions and take responsibility for their own lives


Child in Need services are a critical component of child welfare, focusing on safeguarding and promoting the well-being of vulnerable children. These services work to assess and address the complex needs of children facing various challenges such as abuse, neglect, or family disruptions. Through a multidisciplinary approach, professionals collaborate with families, schools, and other agencies to provide support, intervention, and necessary resources .


Social care tutor services offer invaluable support and guidance to individuals pursuing a career in the field of social care. These services provide specialized training and education, equipping aspiring social care professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively support vulnerable individuals and communities. Social care tutors play a pivotal role in mentoring and shaping the future generation of compassionate and competent social care workers, ultimately contributing to the overall improvement of social care services.


Key support workers play a vital role in providing personalized care and assistance to individuals in need. Acting as a primary point of contact, they establish a strong rapport with clients, ensuring their needs are met and advocating for their well-being. Key support workers offer stability, guidance, and continuity of care, fostering trust and enabling individuals to navigate their unique challenges with ongoing support.


Support workers play a crucial role in providing compassionate care and assistance to individuals in various settings, such as healthcare, social services, or community organizations. They offer emotional support, practical help, and companionship to those in need, helping them with daily tasks and promoting their overall well-being.


Senior key support workers bring extensive experience and expertise to their role in providing specialized care for seniors. They oversee and coordinate the care plans of seniors, ensuring their specific needs are met and maintaining a high standard of care. Senior key support workers also act as mentors, guiding and supporting other support workers in delivering quality care.